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Pamela PerryGoulardt

Award-Winning Produced Screenwriter and Producer

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An optimistic Goth librarian accidentally frees the angry pessimistic Ghost of Edgar Allan Poe who demands she help him avenge his murder.


 Underwater Hazards

A young girl and ocean advocate goes in search of her lost friend and swims into the lair of a Quantum Physicist, cannibal Merman deformed from ocean pollution.


 The Operator  
Adult Dramedy

A wannabe actress with social anxiety answers an ad for a Phone-Sex-Operator, but when she gets a call from a famous actor wanting to speak with Cleopatra, she seizes the opportunity of a lifetime.


Spirit of the Wolf

A female Special Ops 'Nightstalker' with PTSD, returning from combat can not face her family and heads to the CA mountains where she is attacked by a Wild Boar and rescued by two feral boys living with a wolfpack.

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Goblin's Girl

A nine-year-old orphan refugee girl, adopted by a Hollywood Actress and Producer husband, tries to process the reality of a new home and family, but when their limo crashes into a river and she is in a coma, an Indian Shaman and a charismatic Dragonfly rescue her spirit and take her on a journey of self-awakening.

JAGUAR FILM copy - Copy.png

The Most Wary, Secretive, Least Conspicuous Jaguar Ever!

A mini movie within Goblin's Girl. When the adopted girl is in the hospital in a coma, her two adoptive brothers make a film of her favorite book.

The Girl Who Was Made Of Earth and Water

A young girl opens her eyes in an unfamiliar world where anything is possible.

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A lonely woman in a Nursing Home takes a dangerous chance when she accepts an offer from a male resident to sneak out after dark and have some fun.

AWARD WINNER - WRPN.TV Short Tight and Loose Global Film Festival Competition - 2022.png

 The Forest Prince

An arrogant Prince in 1100AD Mumbai disregards his Astrologer's advice to not go hunting, then betrays a bear who hides him from a hungry Lion and is cursed to live in the Forest forever unless h e can gain the forgiveness of the planets he has insulted.

HOLIDAYon ICE copy - Copy.png

Holiday On Ice
TV Pilot (First Season Available)

A female detective is falsely accused of whistleblowing and the thin blue line is the noose that strangles her until she cuts the cord and seizes the opportunity to cleanse the system.



Losing their parents in the French Revolution, Jozefin and her brother go down in a sinking ship, rescued by a fisherman, her brother is sold to an American family. Jozefin steals his boat, becomes a Pirate, goes to Prison, escapes with the help of a 'lady for hire', works at a brothel, is used as a poker debt to an American who marries her and takes her to America to reunite with her brother.


Calamity Jane: Queen of Spades

Wild West legend Calamity Jane loses both parents on the Oregon Trail and becomes sole provider for her four younger siblings by becoming an undercover Scout for Custer, fall in love with Wild Bill Hickock, and together they make a plan to join Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.

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The Ringmistress

An LBGTQ circus family with two dads is invited to compete at the Monte Carlo Circus, but to get the funds to make the trip one of the fathers agrees to do a favor for his never-divorced wife's new boyfriend, smuggle jewels into Paris.

File Nov 03, 9 08 52 AM.jpeg

The Wolf Who Saved Christmas

When an intoxicated elf accidentally leaves the corral open, the reindeer escape and eat the hallucinogenic algae that grow on the tundra, it's up to a magical wolf to drive Santa's sleigh.

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File Mar 12, 3 17 18 PM.jpeg

Custer's Last Plan


Planning on running for President, Custer invites Calamity Jane to fight on the battlefield to garner the women's vote as well as return the land the government-sanctioned as Native American


Mafia Heart

After witnessing his father's drive-by shooting when he was a child, a young man, and partner in his Dad's Garbage business, wants to be legit. He gets the opportunity when his stepdad leaves him a 75% share in an MNC where greed, lies, and murder are standard protocol. He must return to his roots to survive.

POSTER 5 STAR copy.png

 Five Star Homicide A Ten Episode TV Series

In Hyderabad, India, a Detective student marries the man of her dreams whose father has kept a secret - he is the head of one of the largest Mafia families in India and is responsible for the death her father, a former Police Officer, years earlier.

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Dance of the Gypsy

After going missing for six months a raw gem diver heads to the CA Renaissance Faire to pay a debt, sell some jewels, and reconnect with the woman he loves.


It Happened One Night In Space

After her Spaceship explodes on its descent to Mars, a young scientist/ explorer is rescued by a young man from the planet Astra and taken to his planet where she secretly escapes in the vehicle of the Martian Royal Family, visiting the Astrans.

 TV series available.


The Inside Trader

In  NYC, 20 years in the future, the society is divided into two warring gangs, The CORPS (corporations) and The HEARTIES (the people). A female Heartie uses a time machine remote to accidentally bring back Col. Custer who pleads for a chance to save humanity.


EXTRA! EXTRA! Read All About It   Crime Caper

Under pressure for a headline story, a journalist for a NY newspaper overhears, and records, a private conversation while waiting at her lawyer's office, and reveals the biggest Ponzi scheme in history, then falls for the perpetrator.

File Mar 16, 7 32 34 AM.jpeg

This Seat Is Taken

On New Year's Eve, a lonely Philologist (deciphers ancient lingusitics), returns to her NY apartment to find and Alien who insists she take him into the Met Museum where she works, to retrieve an Ancient Artifact he left behind on a previous visit.

File Nov 08, 4 30 31 PM.jpeg


A young 'gofer' at a Music Fair, is asked to be the personal assistant to a living legend making her comeback at the Palace Theater in NY.


A young scientist in Hyderabad, India wins and internship at an AI Research Lab, but when her visiting mother disappears she learns her boss has ulterior motives.


The Hard Truth

After a woman's elderly mother has a paralyzing stroke, she must battle the Doctors, the system, and her family, to protect her.


Secrets of
the Forbidden City

Archaeology students travel to a remote island in the South Pacific in search of priceless treasure buried in an underwater city rumored to be protected by a curse that no one escapes alive.

SCRED copy.png


The true love story of Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok.

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