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Basil Brush Boom! Boom! It's Christmas Again.

Britain's most famous fox Basil Brush will be releasing a Christmas single this year.

'Boom! Boom! It's Christmas Again' features cameos from famous pals Mr Blobby, Bungle, Zippy and George from Rainbow and Muffin The Mule, as Basil embarks on a celebratory journey into festive children's TV throughout the decades.

Available on all major streaming and download platforms.

Basil Brush is undoubtedly one of Britain’s most recognizable, best-loved – not to mention, longest-standing entertainers. Now he’s set his sights on this year’s Christmas Number One and has enlisted a series of famous friends from past and present to help him.

Basil will release his latest Christmas single ‘Boom! Boom! It's Christmas Again’ on Friday 25th November with all of the proceeds going to the Save The Children charity and the Shooting Star Chase children’s hospice. Whilst Basil is the lead artist, the track also features an array of family-friendly entertainers past and present including Mr Blobby, Bungle, Zippy and George from Rainbow, Muffin The Mule and Dooby Duck, among many others.

They will also join him in a star-studded, time-travelling video to accompany the song which will see Basil embarking on a celebratory journey through festive children’s TV – from the 1960s right up to present day. The video will premiere on YouTube on Saturday 19th November.

‘Boom! Boom! It’s Christmas’ again was written, arranged and produced by Basil’s long-term collaborator Chris Clark. The pair started working together in 2018 when Chris directed the video for Basil’s version of ‘White Christmas’ and between them they hope that the new single will join the likes of Slade, Wizzard and The Pogues in the canon of Christmas classics.

The official video for ‘Boom! Boom! It’s Christmas Again’ will feature:

Basil Brush

Mr Blobby

Bungle (Rainbow)

Zippy (Rainbow)

George (Rainbow)

Muffin the Mule

Hacker T Dog (CBBC)

Derek McGee (Hacker time)

Wilf Breadbin (Hacker time

Oucho the Cactus

Hartley Hare (Pipkins)

Long distance Clara (Pigeon Street)

Evil Edna (Willo the Wisp)

Nobby the Sheep

The Spoon family (Button Moon)

Treguard (Knightmare)

Dooby Duck


Chris “Yonko” Johnson (CBBC)


Barney Harwood (Blue Peter, CBBC)

Chris Pizzey (Basil Brush TV show)

Ajay Chabra (Basil Brush TV show)

Georgina Leonadas (Basil Brush TV show & Harry Potter)

Laura Evans (Basil Brush TV show)

Martin Cabble-Reid (Basil Brush current ‘MR')

Mortimore (Basil Brush TV show)

Bingo (Basil Brush TV show)

'Mr Roy', Roy North (Classic Basil Brush TV show)

and of course, Father Christmas.

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