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'The Great Basin' A Documentary by Chivas DeVinck.


THE GREAT BASIN, is a stunning feature documentary by Chivas DeVinck.

THE GREAT BASIN builds a complex panorama of rural Nevada through a tapestry of characters who work, live, and play there. The Great Basin is the location of the "Loneliest Road in America," and the film invites viewers on a road of discovery of what looks like an arid desert but turns out to be so much more.

The film is releasing in theaters with week-long runs in NYC and LA (starting November 17th) and special screening Q&As in several markets (starting November 14th).

CIRCLE COLLECTIVE PARTNERS WITH DIALOGUE TALK FOR DIY RELEASE OF CHIVAS DEVINCK’S “THE GREAT BASIN” A PANORAMA OF “THE LONELIEST ROAD IN AMERICA” AND THE AMERICAN WEST DIRECTED & PRODUCED BY CHIVAS DEVINCK (The Poets) The film will have its U.S. premiere at Santa Fe Film Festival this month and screen at Denver Film Festival in November, ahead of an exclusive theatrical screening Q&A tour kicking off on November 14th in Las Vegas, and a November 17th week-long run in Los Angeles and New York. A list of theater locations and ticketing information can be found at The Great Basin is a DialogueTalk production directed and produced by Chivas DeVinck, with cinematography by Yoshio Kitagawa, original music by Felicia Atkinson, and editing by Matthieu Laclau and Yann-Shan Tsai. The theatrical release tour is being spearheaded by Circle Collective. "I am extremely honored to be partnering with Circle Collective and am thrilled that American cinemagoers will have the opportunity to see my picture. Having now screened the film abroad for over 12 months at numerous festivals, including DOK Leipzig and Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, it feels satisfying to bring the film back to its origin,” said Chiva DeVinck. "Much thanks to this partnership with Circle Collective and the first-class work from my international collaborators, my film has found re-entry back to its homeland." “From the subjects and story to filmmaking style, Chivas and his crew paint a brilliantly transgressive portrait with "The Great Basin," and we are thrilled to partner on a truly singular release for this overlooked gem,” said Kyle Greenberg, President of Circle Collective. “The film not only captures the beauty and humanity in a misinterpreted landscape and people, but interweaves a collage of characters and moments that speak to some of our most urgent call-to-actions and the evolving (and simultaneously devolving) American myths we’ve taught ourselves.”

Director Chivas DeVinck Follow The Great Basin: @Circle.Collective (IG) @CircleCollectv (Twitter) #TheGreatBasin #ChivasDeVinck #CircleCollective

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