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EMMY winning Director JORGE CANO talks about release of 'SECRET SCANDAL'. Premiere DISTROTV - 02/25

“Secret Scandal: In Quarantine,” “Escandalo Secreto” will debut exclusively on DistroTV Español and be available to all DistroTV audiences globally, including 17 countries in Latin America and in the U.S. where more than 53 million people speak Spanish.

The Jorge Cano-helmed comedy features an international, all-star global cast including Alejandro Gutierrez, Danny Trejo, Ninel Conde, Lina Castrillon, Platanito, Nanis Ochoa, Armando Hernandez, Lorena Herrera, Reykon, Margarita Reyes, Alexander Ospina, Valentina Lizcano, Nitzia Chama, Ricardo Hill, Isabella Santiago, and Pancho Moler.

The DistroTV original, based on COVID times and set in Bogota, Colombia, will have viewers laughing from beginning to end.

I was fortunate to speak with Writer/Director Jorge A. Cano.

What inspired you to create a film during COVID-19?

JORGE CANO: STRESS! Stress and isolation have affected us all during COVID. I wanted to write a Comedy to help alleviate the stress and to send a message that no matter how difficult times are if we collaborate and work together we can accomplish incredible things!

Where was 'Secret Scandal filmed?

JORGE CANO: It took me nine months to plan how I was going to manage this. We had a limited crew. We filmed during the peak of the pandemic, in the USA (L.A. and N.Y,) Mexico, Venezuala, Ecuador. We were only allowed to have 4 people in a room at a time. We shot scenes in the actual houses where the actors live. This worked out really well and made it convenient.

How did you convince so many all-star actors to participate?

JORGE CANO: As I was writing the script I had a Wish-List in my mind of who would play each character. Every actor on my wish list said YES! I was very fortunate.

How did you get hooked up with DISTROTV?

JORGE CANO: When I approached them they were very positive about working with me. We plan on working together in the future, possibly a REALITY SHOW. The great thing about DISTROTV is that not only is it FREE, but you can choose if you want to watch the film in English or Spanish.

Thank you Jorge!

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In a career spanning over 33 years of experience, Jorge A. Cano, Jr. has produced and directed films, TV shows and more than 2,000 commercials, videos, and documentaries in both English and Spanish. Jorge produced and directed several movies in the past thirty years, and has coordinated productions for major Hollywood companies such as Columbia Pictures and Universal Studios throughout Latin America. He's been honored with a Telly Award, an Intercom Chicago International Film Festival Award, and the pinnacle of television achievement, an Emmy Award, totaling 29 International Awards.

Are you ready to know how 'secret is this scandal'? Well, DistroTV, the free, independent, and largest television streaming platform (FAST) is ready for the premiere of its original film "Escándalo Secreto: En Plena Cuarentena" a comedy, directed and written by Jorge Cano that will hit the Screen of DistroTV for its world premiere in just 10 days, on February 25. This will be the latest installment of DistroTV's new DistroTV Español free channel package and comes on the heels of DistroTV's recent expansion that now reaches Latin American audiences as well.

For you to know all the secrets in "Escándalo Secreto" you just have to go to the Distro.TV page, or download DistroTV Español on your smartphone, on your device or on your Smart TV and enjoy this comedy that has an international cast of stars such as Alejandro Gutiérrez, Danny Trejo, Ninel Conde, Lina Castrillón, Platanito, Nanis Ochoa, Armando Hernández, Lorena Herrera, Reykon, Margarita Reyes, Alexander Ospina, Valentina Lizcano, Nitzia Chama, Ricardo Hill, Isabella Santiago, and Pancho Moler. The DistroTV original, based on covid-19 times and set in Bogotá, Colombia, that will make you laugh from start to finish. To access DistroTV Español, you just have to enter

To access DistroTV Español, visit

AVAILABLE to view on DISTRO TV in English or Spanish.

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