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'FREAKSCENE' The story of Dionosaur Jr.

FREAKSCENE: THE STORY OF DINOSAUR JR. celebrates one of the most influential acts in alternative rock, from their formation in the mid-1980s to their reunion concert celebrating their 30th anniversary, and introduces viewers to the introverted power trio behind Dinosaur Jr. - Lou Barlow, J Mascis and Murph - who quietly opened the door for the likes of The Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, The Cure and Soundgarden.

Directed by Philipp Reichenheim, German filmmaker and J Mascis’ brother-in-law, the documentary features exclusive interviews with the trio and some of their musical contemporaries, including members of Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine and The Pixies, painting a portrait of a groundbreaking period in American music as well as a poignant rumination on friendship and personal growth.

On making the film, director Philipp Reichenheim said: "It seems to me retrospectively that when I heard one of the first superb Dinosaur Jr. albums in 1987, my 16 year-old artistic unconsciousness was inspired to make a documentary about them. FREAKSCENE is a visual tribute to the dynamite sound and story of the band and their iconic anti-hero members, and I'm thrilled to be working with Utopia on sharing it with the world."

"FREAKSCENE viscerally captures the joyous quirkiness and emotional resonance of one of rock music's weirdest - and most influential - bands. Utopia is honored to be entrusted with bringing the miracle that is Dinosaur Jr. into peoples' lives through this film." added Danielle DiGiacomo, Head of Original Content at Utopia.

Ahead of the May 31st theatrical release, Utopia will host a special New York Premiere in partnership with Murmrr at The Opera House in Brooklyn, New York on May 28th, followed by a special Q&A and solo performance from J Mascis. Tickets are available now at:

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