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HOLLYWOOD SIGNS: Bruce Campbell, Dan Fogler, Eric Roberts, Eliza Roberts.

HOLLYWOOD SIGNS Out Now on Digital & On-Demand

HOLLYWOOD SIGNS, a feature documentary that explores the unique and often hilarious relationship between Hollywood celebrities and their fans through the fascinating lens of the autograph collecting subculture, is out now on U.S. digital platforms.

Featuring Bruce Campbell (Ash Williams in the Evil Dead franchise), Dan Fogler (Fantastic Beasts, The Offer), Rachel True (The Craft), Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight), Eliza Roberts (Animal House), Tom Wopat (The Dukes of Hazzard), Karan Ashley (Power Rangers) and many more fan favorite Hollywood stars, HOLLYWOOD SIGNS explores the unique and evolving relationship between Hollywood celebrities and their fans and delves into the fascinating autograph collection subculture.

HOLLYWOOD SIGNS is a Fallout Entertainment production directed by Bill Fishman - the tenacious and award winning director of Music Videos (The Ramones, George Clinton, Hank Williams Jr., Good Charlotte, Counting Crows, St. Jhn, Michael Buble, Joss Stone, The Backstreet Boys and hundreds and hundreds of other) Television shows and specials and Feature Films (Tapeheads, Car 54, My Dinner With Jimi etc ) and produced by Bret Disend, Bill Fishman, Jacob Sacks and hit songwriter, producer, writer and autograph collector Sam Hollander.

From director Bill Fishman “When I started the film I approached it - as most viewers will - a complete neophyte - knowing next to nothing about this world. A few years, thousands of miles and many thousands of hours of filming later, I emerged a diehard “grapher” myself. I encourage everyone who has ever found themselves laughing, crying or just loving a movie or a TV show to indulge in this slightly wacky and entertaining celebration of America’s intense connection with pop culture.”

Co-founded by Robert Schwartzman, Utopia is a sales and distribution company known for feature films including the breakout TIFF comedy, SHIVA BABY; the Cannes selected MICKEY AND THE BEAR; the forthcoming Cannes 2021 selection VORTEX, Gaspar Noe’s sixth feature; Sundance selection, EL PLANETA; and documentaries including Academy Award winner Errol Morris' AMERICAN DHARMA; the Ross Brothers’ Sundance charmer, BLOODY NOSE, EMPTY POCKETS; and the forthcoming doc on the artist Dash Snow, MOMENTS LIKE THIS NEVER LAST from Cheryl Dunn and Vice Studios.

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