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The Last Conception, An LGBTQ Family Friendly Comedy, Drama, Love Story. Review.

Written by Gabriel Constans, Directed by Gabriela Ledesma.

Review by Ken Goulardt

An Indian/American family learns they are part of an ancient bloodline, possibly Siddhartha Guatama, the Buddha himself! A traditional modern family, the father is played by Marshall Manesh (The Big Lebowski, How I Met Your Mother). The Mom is played by Veena Bidasha (From Dusk til Dawn). The parents, along with younger daughter Lovelee Carroll (Loveless, Candy Corn), and her All-American husband played by Josh George (Danger Force), serve up most of the many laughs that provide LOL moments. The couple has an adopted little girl. The family's only hope of continuing the prestigious bloodline and heritage is their older daughter, Savarna (singer, model, actress, Nazanin Mandi). Savarna is a medical technician at a sperm clinic. The family is unaware that Savarna is gay and in a serious relationship with a woman, played by Callie Schuterra (Blue). The couple's tense coming out to Savarna's family is the inciting incident that sets this heartfelt, tender love-story in motion. Surprising twists and turns keep the audience engaged. This is a happy feel-good film from beginning to end.

Callie Schuterra and Nazanin Mandi on their wedding day.

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