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Utopia is set to release YOU CAN'T KILL MEME, Hayley Garrigus' feature documentary that dives into the fascinating world of political memes, on Altavod, Apple TV and VOD on December 7th, 2021.

A feature debut by director/cinematographer Hayley Garrigus, YOU CAN’T KILL MEME follows her three-year descent into the anonymous internet underworld to explore the genesis of “memetic magic” and how memes have provided an entirely new way of articulating beliefs. Memes - a purposefully designed visual framing to deliver a joke, evoke an emotion or create a sense of belonging -are an entirely new form of political communication and attempts to use them for good and ill are growing rapidly.

I was able to watch a screener of YOU CAN'T KILL MEME and it hooks you instantly. Hayley Garrigus utilizes all the tools of visual storytelling and disperses them throughout the interviews and dialogues to keep the story moving forward at a rapid pace.

The film is an awakening experience, to say the least. It's a dive into the Abyss that shines a bright and terrifying light on a primary weapon 'THE MEME'.

YOU CAN'T KILL MEME centers on the information infrastructure dominated by SOCIAL ENGINEERS that search for leverage points (weak spots) to infiltrate the Matrix and transform society's perceptions. Some Social Engineers work for good, spreading healing and awareness, and others, well you know who they are and what they do.

Basically, the message is that memes' can be used to provide a door to go 'outside the matrix' to combat information warfare with storytelling and wisdom, encouraging and guiding people to seek answers from within, rather than being influenced from without.

The film is as entertaining as any action-adventure political thriller! The cast of characters are unique and multi-faceted. The real-life characters speak and present their transforming concepts with astute confidence.

YOU CAN'T KILL MEME is information everyone needs to have. It is the best 90 minutes you'll find outside the 'The Matrix'!

The documentary includes interviews with individuals that post memes online from both sides of the political aisle, as well as with “lightworkers” and author of Memetic Magic: Manipulation of the Root Social Matrix and the Fabric of Reality, R. Kirk Patwood. The film also features interviews with Billy Brujo, Carole Michaella, Sean Bell, Nick Peterson, Mason Inglaessia, "User 666" and "Marianne" among others.

YOU CAN’T KILL MEME was produced by Samuel Gursky and Kerry Mack, with editing by Michael Beuttler and Hayley Garrigus, and original music by Tom Moore and Michael Beuttler.

Danielle DiGiacomo, Head of Content for Utopia, said, "Through conspiracy and confrontation, 'You Can't Kill Meme' offers nuance in our cultural assumptions about meme culture. Utopia is ecstatic to transfix viewers with the film's unraveling of modern-day internet communication, whose real-world implications are often oversimplified."

Co-founded by Robert Schwartzman, Utopia is a sales and distribution company known for feature films including SHIVA BABY and MICKEY AND THE BEAR and feature documentaries including The Ross Bros’ BLOODY NOSE, EMPTY POCKETS and Academy Award winner Errol Morris' AMERICAN DHARMA. Forthcoming titles include Berlin Award-winner THE SCARY OF SIXTY FIRST STREET, Sundance hits EL PLANETA and WE’RE ALL GOING TO THE WORLD’S FAIR and Vice Studios’ MOMENTS LIKE THIS NEVER LAST.

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