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ARROW: SVOD Lineup Raises Hell, Summons Fears and Thrills for Halloween

October 1's Seasonal offerings kicks off with Shocktober 31 (UK/IRE/US/CA). 31 days, 31 movies. This October ARROW is bringing back the infamous Shocktober 31 and highlighting some of our favorite horror titles streaming on ARROW each day, guaranteed to make your Halloween go with a scream. From J-horror to Giallo, slashers galore, cannibals, witches and more, this spooky season on ARROW has everything you need to carve a pumpkin to, party with or to make sure that you don't get a wink of sleep!

Titles Include: Dark Water, Two Witches, Blood and Black Lace.

On October 6, ARROW wishes a belated birthday to Elvira Mistress of the Dark (UK/IRE/US/CA). When her great aunt dies, famed horror hostess Elvira heads for the uptight new England town of Falwell to claim her inheritance of a haunted house, a witch’s cookbook and a punk rock poodle. But once the stuffy locals get an eyeful of the scream queen’s ample assets, all hell busts out & breaks loose.

Next on October 6, prepare for Calamity of Snakes (US/CA). After a businessman kills thousands of snakes in a pit while they are building a new apartment building. The people living there soon become attacked by millions of snakes with a vengeance.

Finally, October 6 debuts Don't Look!: ARROW's Scariest (UK/ IRE/ US/CA)! Want a movie to scare the life out of you this Halloween? You’ve come to the right place! Don’t Look! collects together all the scariest films on ARROW that will send shivers down your spine until you’re jumping out of your seat. For a Halloween you’ll never forget – because you were chewing off your fingernails while perched on the edge of your seat – Enjoy… if you dare!

Titles Include: Two Witches, Edge of the Axe, Dementer.

Ever since his debut was heralded as “a young master’s first masterpiece” by none other than Ingmar Bergman, director Lukas Moodysson has been hailed internationally as one of Sweden’s greatest filmmaking talents, delighting and confounding audiences in equal measure. With his eagerly anticipated new film Together 99 showing at this year’s BFI London Film Festival, ARROW offers a chance to reacquaint yourself with Moodyson’s unique and eclectic oeuvre in No Compromise: The Lukas Moodysson Collection.

Starting October 11, Moodysson’s eclectic filmography can now be appreciated as the work of a singular filmmaking voice, as avowedly uncompromising and unabashedly political as it is keenly observed, deeply felt and frequently hilarious.

Titles Include: Fucking Åmål, Together, Mammoth.

On Friday, October 13, the unluckiest day of the year, two very different evils come to torment two very different generations of young people.

The Initiation (UK/ IRE/US/CA): Kelly is looking forward to her sorority initiation with a mixture of excitement and apprehension. She's got every reason to be anxious considering the prank her sorority sisters have tasked her with: a late-night break-in at her father's department store. At first everything goes to plan, but once inside the labyrinthine mall, Kelly and her fellow pledges find themselves locked in, and they're not alone. Who is the stranger stalking Kelly and her randy teen friends through the department stores shadowy corridors? And how is this unseen assailant connected with Kelly's terrible recurring nightmares of a man burning in agony?

Rewind or Die (aka House of VHS) (US/CA): A group of six friends from around the world descend upon an old abandoned house in the French countryside. Soon, they discover an old VCR and a stack of VHS tapes, all filled with vintage horror movies. But what begins as a fun way to pass time quickly becomes deadly as each VHS tape spawns horrors from the movies on them and into reality, and the friends now must struggle for their survival. VHS is not dead... you are!

End Friday the 13th with a terrifying look into one of the most exciting new voices in horror with Jed Shepherd Selects (UK/ IRE/US/CA). Jed Shepherd, the co-writer and producer of horror sensations Host and Dashcam, and one of the writers and directors of Scare Package II: Rad Chad’s Revenge, picks out his favorite titles from the ARROW catalogue, with a mix of cult chills, iconic sci-fi and out a really out-there documentary.

Titles Include: The Grand Tour, Gwilliam, Who Killed Captain Alex, The Witch Who Came from the Sea.

From Arrow Films, a recognized world-leader in curation and creation, ARROW is a premium platform giving audiences an unparalleled viewing experience across multiple devices, so fans can explore the films and TV shows that the Arrow brand is famous for.

Specially curated by members of the ARROW team, ARROW is home to premium film and TV entertainment, exclusive new premieres, cutting edge cinema, international classics and cult favorites - such as the works of Lars Von Trier, Brian De Palma, Dario Argento, David Cronenberg and Park Chan-wook, and brand-new short films from both new and established filmmakers.

In the coming months, ARROW will be adding Oscar-winning hits, European classics, Asian cinema masterworks, rediscovered Westerns, offbeat gems and much more as part of ARROW’s international strategy to support and celebrate the medium of film.

ARROW Offers Classic and Cutting Edge Cult Cinema

October 2023 Lineup Includes

the Nightmares of Jed Shepherd,

ARROW's Scariest AND Funniest, and More!

October 2023 Seasons:

Shocktober 31; Don't Look: ARROW's Scariest;

No Compromise: The Lukas Moodysson Collection;

Jed Shepherd Selects;

So Funny It's Frightening; Go to Hell!

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