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David Eustace for BalBlair - Short Film Launch, 'Precious Time'.

Balblair Scotch whisky distillery is teaming up with international artist and renowned celebrity portrait photographer David Eustace to launch a one-of-a-kind short film, ‘Precious Time’.

Award-winning1 single malt Scotch whisky Balblair announces its partnership with internationally acclaimed Scottish photographer and director, David Eustace, to create a film that will showcase the brand’s values.

Acclaimed for his work in the arts and fashion industry, the Glasgow-born photographer and film director was given carte blanche to explore Balblair’s highland distillery and create a film that would reflect the craftsmanship behind the premium brand whisky.

The film, ‘Precious Time’, showcases how Balblair’s unrushed approach is the key to creating the perfect single malt whisky and features distillery manager, John MacDonald. Speaking about his inspiration for the film, David said: “The Highlands and distillery allow me to stop and reflect on much that’s truly important ...the moment and how precious the time to savor it really is. The beauty lies, quite simply, in slowing down and finding moments to experience time.”

Throwing open its doors to the Balblair distillery, the film gives the audience chance to experience the unspoilt beauty of the Highlands and glimpse the craftsmanship behind the whisky. ‘Precious Time’ follows distillery manager John MacDonald as he writes a letter. David explains: “The letter John writes in the film is a vehicle to highlight the value of the personal touch and the considered time taken to create it. Likewise celebrating a malt whisky given equal respect and one John’s proud to associate his name with.

“An unrushed approach to their craft is key to Balblair’s success and this is something that the film aims to communicate. The film encourages the audience to reflect on their own concept of time and find those moments to savor for themselves.” “One of the most enjoyable parts of whisky, for me, is that moment before you drink it. The key shot of the film is when John lifts the glass and looks at it, and the film cuts just before he drinks it. This is because that moment is his time, his enjoyment. That is the PRECIOUS TIME.”

The Unrushed Approach John MacDonald, distillery manager at Balblair, said: “At Balblair, time is a defining part of who we are. We take our time, and we believe in quality above all else which is why what we produce is worth the wait.” “A respect for time is a must in whisky production and we never manipulate or control it. For me, ‘Precious Time’ is about appreciation; the anticipation before the whisky touches your lips and savoring that moment in time.” David concludes: “Precious Time means different things to different people. Time passes slowly at Balblair, the distillery embraces this in everything they do, so the whisky will never be rushed. Their quest for perfection is endless so they can share their very best single malt with the world. Everything is taken at a slower pace, without compromise.” ‘Precious Time’ will whisk viewers away to the beautiful Scottish Highlands from 26 May 2022, available to view online at

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