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Introducing FOREST CLAUDETTE Australian Singer/Songwriter

Australian newcomer, twenty-three-year-old Forest Claudette, releases his genre-blurring debut single “Creaming Soda” on Warner Records. It’s an unforgettable calling card that reveals the bicontinental and biracial singer/songwriter’s cheeky personality and insecurities, not to mention his stellar guitar skills. Those characteristics also come through in the colorful, eccentric, and contemplative ’70s-tinged music video. A woozy blend of bleary R&B, glowing pop, and bruising rap sounds, “Creaming Soda” is a fitting bed for Forest’s diaristic lyrics. “I was trying to be serious / sell it like I’m on TV / but fuck it, I’m 19,” he begins. Over mellow drums, pensive keys, and soaring horns, the hotly tipped artist shares his internal conflict — the feeling of being young and carefree versus the urgency of achieving his dreams — while deftly alternating between rapping and a soulful falsetto. “Creaming Soda is about the internal pressures and expectations I had for myself as I entered the music industry straight out of high school. I wrote it a long time ago now, but the sentiment has never really left me. I feel a great weight and responsibility when it comes to songwriting, but all that pressure is internal, and the reality is nothing matters too much. I strive to feel both,” Claudette said reflectively. The jewel-toned “Creaming Soda” video finds a playful Forest role-hopping from a businessman getting a manicure, to a construction worker, to playing golf on a rooftop with a winning smile. It heralds the arrival of not only a fearless new musical talent, but also an exciting visual artist. Forest Claudette’s musical drive was born at home in the Dandenong Ranges of Victoria, Australia. Inspired by urban alternative singer/songwriters like Frank Ocean and Moses Sumney, he honed his craft at an experiential, learning-focused high school and wrote his first song at 16. Soon after, Forest caught the attention the national radio station triple j. The experience landed him in co-writing sessions with other artists and songwriters, and also gave him free rein to experiment with his sound. Creaming Soda” is the result of those sessions. With more music on the way, Forest’s journey of self-discovery is only just beginning.

Credit - Jabari Jacobs

ABOUT FOREST CLAUDETTE: Forest Claudette’s music is a comfort for the restless mind. The 23-year-old powers through life’s growing pains with diaristic songwriting—using his thoughtful take on alternative R&B and pop to confront his place in this world. Claudette’s debut single “Creaming Soda” is, consequently, a stirring glimpse into his most intimate thoughts. Over a woozy blend of bleary soul, glowing pop, and bruising rap sounds, he lays himself bare—showing off a winning personality while detailing his insecurities, too. Claudette’s upcoming EP is filled with songs that represent his “soft feelings,” he says, channeling a lifetime of overthinking into a sense of self-discovery. After growing up in a small town in the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria, Australia, and spending time exploring soul artists in the US, Claudette attended an experiential-learning-focused high school where he spent years trying to perfect his craft. He took piano, guitar, and vocal lessons, but he soon realized that nobody could teach him how to write a song that told his story—so he began to work hard on his own. When triple j held an annual music contest for high school students, he submitted a song, which earned him an impromptu interview and a spin on the radio station. “Creaming Soda” is a product of years of experimenting after that early success. It’s the sound of an artist who, after a long period of searching, has found his sweet spot. “When I was 16, I had some pretty big ideas and I didn’t know how they would come into fruition,” he says. “All that shit happened.”


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