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'MAD HEIDI' - EXTRA CHEESE - A Grindhouse Film

Raven Banner Releasing and Swissploitation Films

Present the North American Home Video Release

of the Blood and Cheese Soaked Grindhouse Epic

Mad Heidi Starring Casper Van Dien and Alice Lucy

On Blu-ray, Digital HD and Cable VOD July 21st

"Mad Heidi is a grindhouse film in every sense of the word. It’s over the top, bombastic, and absolutely nuts during most of its runtime.” -- JoBlo

"Alice Lucy proves herself to be a capable action star in a story filled with memorable characters" -- Adventures in Poor Taste

"...a joy for fans of exploitation films.” -- Screen Anarchy

Raven Banner Releasing and Swissploitation Films are excited to announce the North American digital and physical release of the modern grindhouse epic Mad Heidi. Following a one night theatrical release across the United States and Canada, Mad Heidi will bow on Blu-ray, digital and cable VOD (including Prime Video, Amazon, Vudu, Bell and more) July 21st. The Blu-ray will be available in both a standard edition and a Limited Edition Extra Cheese Edition.

This wicked odyssey of blood and cheese puts a new spin on the classic tale of “Heidi,” finding our heroine (Alice Lucy) all grown-up and living an idyllic life in the Swiss Alps with her beloved grandfather (David Schofield) far above an increasingly-dystopian landscape presided over by Our Very Swiss Leader (Casper Van Dien) - a ruthless dictator bent on world domination through dairy. But when government thugs murder her goat-herding lover (Kel Matsena) for distributing illegal cheese, Heidi embarks on a wild quest for vengeance that will bring her toe-to-toe against fierce female prison inmates, cheese-fueled Swiss super-soldiers, ninja nuns, and more, as she fights to take down the tyrannical regime and restore freedom to Switzerland.

Mad Heidi initially made waves for its innovative crowdfunded approach, bypassing traditional financing tactics to ensure that the film’s original vision was preserved while placing profits back in the hands of the creators and backers. Boasting elaborate sets, impressive practical makeup and gore effects, and unhinged ingenuity helmed by first-time filmmakers Johannes Hartmann and Sandro Klopfstein, Mad Heidi is the ultimate tribute to grindhouse cinema.

In a dystopian Switzerland that has fallen under the fascist rule of an evil cheese tyrant (Van Dien), Heidi (Lucy) lives a pure and simple life in the Swiss Alps. Grandfather Alpöhi (Schofield) does his best to protect Heidi, but her desire for freedom soon lands her in trouble with the dictator’s henchmen. When pushed too far the innocent Heidi transforms into a kick-ass warrior who sets out to liberate her country from the heinous cheese fascists. Mad Heidi is an action-adventure exploitation extravaganza based on the popular children's book character Heidi and the world's first Swissploitation film.

Mad Heidi: 92 minutes / Switzerland

English & Swiss German / English Subtitles

The Limited Edition Extra Cheese Edition (SRP $41.99) will come with a number of exclusive bonus features. These include:

• Audio Commentary with Co-Directors Johannes Hartmann and Sandro Klopfstein

• Stunt Reel

• The Making of Mad Heidi Featurette

• a CD Soundtrack

• a 28 Page Booklet

• Limited Edition Trading Cards

• O-Card by Artist Peter Ricq

The standard Blu-ray of Mad Heidi (SRP $29.99) will include:

• Audio Commentary with Co-Directors Johannes Hartmann and Sandro Klopfstein

• Stunt Reel

• The Making of Mad Heidi Featurette

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