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NONA HENDRYX - DISCO: Soundtrack of a Revolution. BBC

Nona Hendryx, Ana Matronic, Jake Shears, Honey Dijon, Jessie Ware, DJ/Producer David Morales, and Legendary Studio 54 DJ Nicky Siano , join Disco Legends to celebrate a revolution.

Series to air Saturday 16th December 2023 (first two episodes) and Saturday 23rd December 2023 on BBC 2 and on iPlayer – Series to also air in the U.S. on PBS in 2024

‘DISCO – Soundtrack of A Revolution’ – (previously announced as Disco Inferno: The Sound of the Underground (w/t))

An extraordinary journey into the history of Disco

The three-part series from BBC Studios - Disco: Soundtrack of a Revolution which will air on BBC 2 and iPlayer, and later on PBS in the US, will bring overlooked pioneers together to tell a powerful, new revisionist history of the disco age, told by the genre’s original musicians, promoters and innovators as well as today’s musical icons. The series tells the story of the people who forged a new form of music and dance and pioneered a social movement. Contributors include Jake Shears, Nona Hendryx (LaBelle), DJ Hollywood, Ana Matronic, David Morales, Kim Petras, Nicky Siano, Honey Dijon, Marshall Jefferson, Jessie Ware, Candi Staton, Anita Ward and Thelma Houston.

Description of episodes:

The first episode, Rock The Boat (w/t), celebrates the earliest disco tracks and the creation of the disco beat, as it took over New York’s clubs and spread to Europe and the UK. It also explores the rise of a new power in music, the DJ, and how they helped disco break into the mainstream.

The second episode, Ain’t No Stopping Us Now (w/t), traces the emergence of disco icons such as Thelma Houston, Grace Jones, Donna Summer and Candi Staton. It also looks at the phenomenon of The Bee Gees, launch of Studio 54 and how disco went on to conquer the charts, the airwaves and the silver screen (Saturday Night Fever).

The third episode, I Will Survive (w/t), examines the backlash against disco and how, despite the collapse of its popularity which drove it underground, the genre went on to inspire new forms of music and once again became mainstream in the hands of a new generation of artists such as Kylie, the Scissor Sisters, Kim Petras and Jessie Ware.

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