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Directed by


Written by


Produced by


LAURA IVEY, p.g.a.


PAULIE GO! is a coming-of-age comedy about an anti-social robotics prodigy who pairs up with a headstrong young angler to track down a reclusive genius in the mazy lake country of northern Minnesota.

PAULIE GO! is a coming-of-age comedy about a high school artificial intelligence prodigy, Paulie (Ethan Dizon, Spiderman: Homecoming, Avengers: Infinity War) who aspires to become the greatest scientist of the 21st century. When Paulie gets rejected from a world-renowned robotics lab of Professor Chuck Shikenjanski (Bernard White, Silicon Valley, Homeland) he does what any rational teenager would do - steal his uncle’s locksmith van and drive halfway across the country to Northern Minnesota to track down the Professor and convince him to reverse his decision. In Paulie’s mind, the fate of global scientific progress, not to mention his own life, could be at stake.

Along the way, Paulie meets 18-year-old Avery Anderson (Madison Wolfe, I Kill Giants, True Detective) an expert angler who is just as headstrong and fiercely independent as he is. Though Paulie doesn’t think he needs friends, he definitely needs Avery and her boat in order to navigate the endless maze of waterways in Northern Minnesota to track down the Professor. Avery has built a sizable following online by posting fishing videos on social media but, like Paulie, she struggles to connect with people in real life. Pulling predators out of the water with her bare hands is a lot safer than opening up to people in town.

Avery learned everything she knows about fishing and boating from her father, the affable Sheriff Anderson (David Theune, Good Girls, The Movie Show). It is the Sheriff’s job to make sure that everyone in his small town feels safe, especially his daughter, whom he raised as a single father. Sheriff Anderson loves the outdoors, meeting new people, and retelling the story of that one time he saw Janet Jackson jam with Prince down in “The Cities.” Given that Sheriff Anderson is on a first-name basis with practically everyone in the county. it is surprising that he knows next to nothing about Professor Shikenjanski.

Although Shikanski’s groundbreaking work is revered throughout the world, not much is known about the notoriously reclusive Professor, himself. His lectures are done remotely via satellite, meaning he never steps foot on college campuses. Like Paulie and Avery, The Professor has shut himself off from human connection, with one exception: his misanthropic assistant, Cheryl (Tracie Thoms, Rent, Station 19), the protector of his secrets... and her own.

The seeds of PAULIE GO! were planted in 2011 when nine-year-old Ethan Dizon was cast as the lead in Director, Andrew Nackman’s (Fourth Man Out) award-winning short film, “Paulie.” A decade later, Nackman and Dizon returned to the role in this fish-out-of-water caper that will challenge everything Paulie believes about fulfillment and friendship. In PAULIE GO! Paulie and Avery both set out to catch “the big one,” hiding amongst the enchanting lakes and loons of the North Woods, but by the end of the film they realize that they’ve found something far more valuable in each other.

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