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Photo Credit: Yudo Kurita

ANNOUNCES NEW EP ULTRAVIOLET “One of R&B’s most promising newcomers” - COMPLEX “RINI is in his own lane, creating heartfelt, soul-filled R&B that fans can’t get enough.” - Flaunt “RINI deserves to be championed for the way he writes about love.” - Uproxx Following the release of his debut album Constellations, Warner Records recording artist RINI shares a new single titled “Selfish” and announces his forthcoming project, UltraViolet. Amassing nearly 400M streams across platforms, RINI enlisted Grammy award-winning artist BEAM to unveil the first single off of his highly-anticipated EP, due for release this fall. Most recently, BEAM displayed his talents on Beyonce’s hit song “ENERGY,” as well as throughout his very own debut album, Aliens. Directed by Morian Mikhail, “Selfish” reveals a different side to RINI’s typical lover boy aesthetic. As evidenced by the first line, “You don’t want me to think for myself/You only think about yourself,” RINI is setting the tone for his growth over the past year. About the track, RINI says, “Selfish’ to me is a song where I learned that there’s more than one way to be “Selfish.” Often you think of it in a negative light —and ofc it took me going through the negative— but there’ are positive ways to be “Selfish” too. This record for me is a realization that it’s time for me to be ‘Selfish’. Throughout the intimate visual, you can see the R&B fresh face struggling to remain happy in his relationship. Continuing his otherworldly touch to his artistry, the story seems to end with RINI in a world controlled by his partner. As he gears up for the release of his anticipated EP, RINI is ready to tap into a different side of himself. “ ‘UltraViolet’ comes from a different place, of different influence,” explains RINI. “It’s bolder, more up front and a more dauntless version of RINI that translates into the sound of the EP. I’ve taken a different approach sonically and I could say that I’m taking a risk with some of the songs simply because it’s different from the usual vibe that you would expect to hear from me but that’s really the whole point of it. UltraViolet is the product of this.”

Photo Credit: Yudo Kurita

ABOUT RINI: Since the inception of his musical career, RINI has been endowed with this unique responsibility to share his truth. The Melbourne-raised artist speaks directly to listeners while wearing his heart on his sleeve, relinquishing control of his emotions in a way that has a liberating effect on people. Being vulnerable is a heavy cross for RINI to bear but the end result has proven to be cathartic for his creativity, equipping the genre-defying R&B singer with something real to say: “I just want to take my time with songs,” he avows. In 2021, RINI unveiled his 12-track debut album Constellations, an ambient collection of sounds that explore the nuances of love, which garnered praise from media outlets like Complex, Rated R&B, and UPROXX – the latter describing his project as, “an out-of-this-world touch to RINI’s music, offering a beautiful love story that any hopeless romantic would die for even though it seems far too good to be true.” Through a sultry falsetto and soul-stirring voice that’s universally embraced, the 24-year-old songbird revealed an emotional depth in his songwriting that doesn’t feel out of place. His creative process is fluid and impassioned, turning small, mundane details into romantic neo-soul fantasies. Now, after emerging as a remarkable new talent poised to thrive in today’s R&B landscape, RINI is laser-focused on continuing to push the boundaries of modern music with his unique style, accumulating over 376M streams across platforms while averaging 2.2M monthly listeners on Spotify to date. Over the years, RINI became emboldened by the discovery that music can shape the world around him. From relocating out West to acclimating himself to the fast-paced lifestyle, this stage of his career has been about growth and self-discovery.

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