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Small Town Monsters ASKS: What is a Werewolf? New Documentary

Small Town Monsters Asks: "What is a Skinwalker?"

New Doc Dives Into Firsthand Accountsfrom the American Southwest

The Skinwalkers: American Werewolves 2 Bows March 15

On Cable VOD and Digital HD

Available Exclusively on Blu/DVD from Small Town Monsters Wadsworth, OH--Documentary production company.

Small Town Monsters (Minerva Monster, MoMo: The Missouri Monster, On the Trail of Bigfoot, On the Trail of UFOs) have announced their first release of 2024: The Skinwalkers: American Werewolves 2. The Skinwalkers: American Werewolves 2 will be available on all major VOD platforms nationwide March 15, 2024. A Blu-ray (SRP $19.99) and DVD (SRP ($14.99) will be available exclusively from the Small Town Monsters shop.

The follow-up to their previous massive indie hit, American Werewolves 2 explores the legend and lore of the “skinwalker” amongst Indigenous people and their communities, past and present. In typical Small Town Monsters style, Seth Breedlove and his team allow those familiar with the subject, some with encounters of their own, to tell their own stories and explain the phenomenon in their own words. At its core, American Werewolves 2: The Skinwalkers allows those who watch to form their own opinions on the skinwalker phenomenon via stories and opinions of those closest to the subject itself.

“The merging of various canid legends and lore from different cultures is something that has always fascinated me. This time, we explore the shape-shifting aspect of that lore and how it stands apart while also involving various aspects of that same topic. To properly tell the story of the Skinwalker, we turned to Indigenous people from the state of New Mexico and asked them to simply tell us their own experiences and beliefs,” shared Seth Breedlove (CEO and Founder of Small Town Monsters).

Across the four corners of the American Southwest, there is said to exist an ancient, supernatural evil. An evil that preys on the fear of its victims to gain a greater power. Now, witnesses lift the veil on the most terrifying encounters with modern-day werewolves ever heard. Witness stories that seem to tie legends of upright canids with those of hellhounds, poltergeists and even the mythical Skinwalker. True terror awaits!

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