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"THE LAST CURTAIN CALL" A Downloadable Murder Mystery Game from STORYTELLER'S COTTAGE.

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

The Last Curtain Call

A murder mystery game kit for 8 - 10 players

Host a fun murder mystery party game for up to ten detective-minded friends! A traveling theater company is about to complete its production of "Murder at the Opera House." Unfortunately, when the lights go up, one unlucky theater-goer is found dead. Can the cast solve the crime? Gather your most adventurous friends and immerse yourself in a world of theatrical drama, scandals, revenge, secrets, and deception! This kit includes everything you will need to host a murder mystery party for 8 - 10 players (yourself included), and is designed to be played in person. This game is designed so none of the players know who the murderer is ... not the host, and not the murderer him/herself. All characters are designed to be played by either male or female players. Your game is available for immediate download, and includes: 1. Two Customizable Invitations - Initial Invitation to determine guest availability - In-Game Invitation to assign characters to each guest 2. Character Dossiers - Ten 20-page packets (one for every character) - Character history and backstory - Character personality traits and suggestions for playing their part - Detailed gameplay instructions - List of all other characters & summary of their backstories - Clue-laden information to share in 3 rounds of play - Copies of clues found at the scene 3. FOUR Clue Videos - These are to be played during the game - "Introduction: The Last Curtain Call" explains the premise of the mystery - "Detective Fitzgerald Has Some Questions" sets the stage and shares initial clues - "The Company Boss Is Not Amused" introduces a new crime - "A Stagehand Has a Confession" shares one additional item found at the scene 4. Customizable Award Certificates - Ten printable certificates to hand out at the end of your game - Includes Best Actor, Best Detective, Best Costume, Best Liar, Most Suspicious, Most Innocent, Most Villainous, Most Outrageous Accent, Most Dramatic Death 5. Character Nametags - Having trouble keeping track of who's who? Print these themed nametags for each character on your own Avery self-stick labels

6. Host Instructions - Specific tasks to complete before the party - Setup and decorating instructions - Complete timeline for the party itself - Character list with descriptions to help assign characters to guests - Suggestions for refreshments & costuming - Options & adjustments for varying situations

7. Dedicated Website for Guests - Includes a video summarizing the events on the night of the murder - Explains more about gameplay and the characters who will be at the party - Suggests specific costume ideas for each character, along with Amazon links to purchase, if desired - Links to custom Pinterest board for The Last Curtain Call, including inspiration for costumes, food & decor. Characters: - Casey, Lead Actor #1 - Dale, Lead Actor #2 - Finn, Supporting Actor #1 - Izzy, Supporting Actor #2 - Jo, Supporting Actor #3 - Kris, Costumer - Mel, Makeup Artist - Val, House Manager - Taylor, Stagehand - Sammi, Usher This game/story is completely unique, and was written and copyrighted by The Storyteller's Cottage. Permission to play is limited to private use only. For commercial licensing, please contact lisa

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