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Writer/Director CORY CATALDO talks about his latest film 'WITHOUT WARD' on Digital March 25.

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Available On Digital Friday, March 25, 2022 - AppleTV/iTunes, Google, Vudu and Amazon.

The Sci-Fi Romantic Independent film WITHOUT WARD takes place in the future where a one-world government; Contractualism, controls everything.

STARRING: Michael Gladis, Alexis Dziena, Marguerite Moreau, James Duval, Ring Hendricks-Tellefsen, Carole Ruggier with Harold Perrineau and Martin Landau.

A notable inventor, Ward (Martin Landau), created a drug that allows people to literally live in their wildest dreams. Over the next 20 years, 50% of the world’s population ends up on the drug, while the Union of United Esquires (lawyers with guns that act as the world's police force by fulfilling and enforcing contracts), take care of them.

Now, the drug is no more, and everyone who was on it is under house arrest.

The film follows one dysfunctional family’s quest for connection two years after they awake from the drug as they struggle with the new world order, and are confined to their homes. For years they live their wildest dreams, and now they can’t even leave their houses. The oldest son, Garp (Michael Gladis), naked in a widow, longs to make his most basic dream come true and see a girl across the street, Scout (Alexis Dziena). What starts as such a simple mission turns into a deep, quirky, and emotional journey, proving how important real-life connection is. Garp learns to connect with himself, and in that, to take action. At its core, WITHOUT WARD is about one man who saves the world, by standing naked in a window.

I had the opportunity to watch a screener for this unique dark comedy romance. Thanks so much to Writer/Director Cory Cataldo for taking the time to speak with me.

What inspired you to write the script for WITHOUT WARD?

Cory Cataldo: The inspiration came from personal experience. I was very ill, bedridden, isolated, and disconnected for some time. I felt alone and trapped. Sometimes, when things get dark, it is an opportunity to be honest with ourselves. I started asking myself questions. The structure for WITHOUT WARD came from those answers.

The film is quirky, funny, and emotionally cathartic. How did you manage that?

Cory Cataldo: I am a big fan of art movies. I enjoy the majestic awkwardness that makes the film so approachable. I like to take chances. That was the tone I wanted to set up, something realistic where people aren't perfect, sometimes they mess up, but that's a good thing. Art movies for everybody!

How did you choose your support team?

Cory Cataldo: I'm fortunate to have a close group of professional friends who believe in me and believed in the script. Michael Gladis, who plays Garp, the naked man in the window, was working with me on a different project where he wasn't the lead. I love him as an actor and immediately thought 'this is Garp'. When I approached him he didn't hesitate to jump on board. Same with James Duval from Donni Darko. I have to say Mitch Rosin, a producer on Without Ward and long-time Editor keeps me focused on the budget and how I'm using time and money, as an Editor, he's the best, an old-school pro. Everyone in the cast gave 100%. I am very fortunate. A special shout out to Martin Landau who embraced the role of Ward.

What's next for Cory Cataldo?

Cory Cataldo: It's a much more serious project, 'El Duce'. It's about a sort of 'Mussoliniesque' character taking over America.

Available On Digital Friday, March 25, 2022 - AppleTV/iTunes, Google, Vudu and Amazon.

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